Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Nursing Shirt Sewing Hack, 2 shirt method


Are you ready for the easiest nursing shirt hack ever? Can you sew in a semi straight line? Then this is the DIY for you! For your first time, I suggest using a stretchy knit top that won't unravel. 

    Walmart had great prices on these 95% cotton 5% Lycra tank top shirts.  You'll want 2 of the same cut. Doesn't have to be a tank top like this. 

 Put it on inside out and mark a spot 4 inches below your bust. I use a washable Crayola marker. Doesn't have to fancy to work. 

 Measure from mark to bottom seam, and them mark in the same spot on the other side. 

 On the front of the shirt draw a straight line connecting the two marks.  
 On both of the side seams, cut up from the bottom seam and across your line. Toss the piece you cut off. (Just kidding! Add it to your scrap pile!)

 Measure up 2 inches from cut line, mark across the front of shirt. 

 Cut 2 inch slits along the seams both sides

 Fold the cut edge up to the line and sew it down. I used a straight stitch. Set aside this shirt. 
 Take the second shirt and measure 1 inch down from the arm pit on both sides and mark.

 Connect two marks and draw a line across

 Cut up both side seams and across this line. The cut-out part is what we will be using. Put the remnant in your scrap pile. *If you get real crafty about it, you can use the scraps from the first shirt and sew it to the scraps of this shirt and you'll have most of a third nursing shirt.*

 Start from the bottom, pin the cut-out piece all the way up. Make sure both pieces are inside out, original seams on the bottom. Notice that the cut-out piece is under the bust of the original shirt. I have sewn this backwards, No Buenos!  

 Use an overlock stitch and sew up both sides. 

 Turn your shirt right side out 


 Happy nursing, Mommas! This is a great style for discreet nursing in public. Most people don't even realize I'm nursing the baby. Big win for moms on the go. 

I hope you have enjoyed my nursing shirt tutorial. I love how easy this is. Truly, if you can sew in a semi straight line, you can do this! Use any type of shirt you'd like, it'll work. If you use anything other than a knit, make sure you overlock stitch the bottom of the bust piece prior to sewing it down, as well as the top of the cut-out so it doesn't unravel. I went a little crazy buying matching shirts over the winter and again in the summer. I just kept an eye out for any buy one get one half off or similar sales. This will work for almost every kind of shirt out there. I spent a lot of time thinking about this and after a few months I did come up with a way to do this with one shirt and a panel of stretchy knit. I'll post that one next time.